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  • INGWorks is the new mechanical library that makes SOLIDWORKS faster and more productively.
INGWORKS®: The library for SolidWorks

INGWorks® is the most innovative mechanical library for SOLIDWORKS, providing also technical information and integrated calcolation tools. It offers a full range of standard components, organized in a modular structure in order to be aligned to the actual company needs.

Easy to use

  • Immediate learning with the integration in the property manager and TaskPane
  • Intuitive, thanks to the tree structure and drag'n'drop functionalities


  • "Smart Bridge" Technology for better performance
  • Integrated calculation wizard that minimize the consultation of technical manuals


  • Comprehensive in standards and categories in order to increase the range of choice
  • Configuration customizable for the maximum flexibility at minimum cost

Ask for more!



SOLIDWORKS Standard has no component libraries:

Standard components libraries with native integration:

Necessary to build every single component
Choosing the component is not automatic (no configurator)

Integrated in the task pane allows to quicky and simply configure standard components

SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium include Toolbox libraries: INGWorks® provides with:

High cost (Enterprise solution with Rendering and other add-ins included)
No modular structure, only complete package
No direct material management
Weight evauation is not consistent
You can't use the configurator for general purpose
You can't automatically assign metadata to the related fields properties in the standard company BOM

Suitable and affordable modular solution with integrated calculation tools
You only pay for what you need
Material management and correct weight evaluation
Configurator can used without library limitations
Automatic assignment of metadata in the related fields of company BOM
Engine based on SQL (64-bit native) and technology optimized for the best perfomance


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