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  • Since '99 DBWorks has been evolving to ensure maximum performance and functionality. Discover the full potential thanks to Miro' Solutions support.
  • Would you like to integrate the PDM DBWorks and ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Save time, Miro' Solutions just did it.


MechWorks PDM is a Product Data Management (PDM), a software for the management of technical documents created by CAD applications. Its main function is to provide  tools for the functional management of project, improving organization and consequently, technicians productivity and business processes. Now, in its thirteenth release, it has became a standard reference, integrating simplicity, functionality and scalability.

Its widespred distribution is contributing to continuous improvement, built on user requests.


  • Filters, BOM management, Revisions and Workflow
  • Security files, defining users roles/permissions and web consulting

Scalable and Customizable

  • Fully customizable and open to external programming via API
  • Interacts with any ERP/data management system used in the company


  • Management of the entire documentation related to the project
  • 100% Integrated with con SOLIDWORKS-Inventor-Autocad-SolidEdge, manages all the relations between CAD documents

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without MechWorks PDM
with MechWorks PDM
If a user modify a component used in a shared assembly, the other users will not have information about the update. Allows to only one user to modify a component.
Notify to all users that a component opened has been modified.
When a component is modified, all the assemblies in which this part has been used, will update with the modified component.  Tracks all the relations of SOLIDWORKS documents. In particular, the information about component (part or assembly) are used, is immediately visible. 
Inconsistencies, duplications and errors caused by manual file management are very common. File categorization and coding is manageable with automatic mode or with company rules.
No search functionality. Allows to immediately found components and file attached to Project thanks to Filter and SQL queries.

Manual control for Revisions
Impossible to compare the old with current Revisions.

Controls and tracks the Revisions. File chronology is automatic. 
Easy to compare old with current Revisions.

Manual editing for component renaming or replacing in different assemblies.

Rename and replace file in the entire database eliminating reference problems between documents.

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